How to use this site

Step One

Review the Overview, Projects and FAQ to learn about the program. If you would like to host interns this summer, and have appropriate projects for our students related to IT, Media, Design or Advertising, then you are ready to create an account and register as a participating company.

Step Two

From the Home menu, click “Register” to create an account. Let us know how many interns you would like to host in each area. This step also includes the Terms and Conditions that govern participation in this program. Program staff will review your registration to confirm that we can match interns with your site, and e-mail approval of your account. If we have any questions about your positions, we will contact you.

Step Three

Once your registration is approved, log into the system and create a new Internship Opportunity.

If you have any questions about this process, please e-mail us at, or to phone us (718) 391-8276.

Our website provides a checklist of skills based on actual intern projects from last year’s program, and the skills taught in their high schools’ CTE programs. You can customize one of the existing templates we have provided, or create your own opportunity from scratch, based on your company’s needs and opportunities you would like to offer our interns.

We will start notifying internship hosts and students of their placements in early June, when students have been notified of their admission to the program.