Program Details


"CTE Summer scholars has made me an independent person, it has matured me greatly. It also gave me a better understanding of my strengths and weaknesses, and an understanding of future careers."


CTE Summer Scholars helps students enrolled in Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs by minimizing summer learning loss, advancing academic performance, developing professional skills for career success, and gaining exposure to emerging fields of study and work. 

The CTE Summer Scholars Program is an internship program that includes summer learning experiences and credentialing opportunities for rising junior and seniors who participate in Information Technology, Software Engineering, Media, and Graphics CTE programs.    

 CTESS brings together four program components.

  • Work readiness training and support: Students participate in trainings to prepare for their internship. Throughout the summer, they also receive support to ensure they are maximizing their experiences.

  • Part-time Internships: For 3 days a week, students are placed in internships in a variety of companies aligned with their CTE field of study.

  • Youth Think Tank: For the remaining days of the week, students participate in a summer learning experience where they are challenged to address a challenge that their school or community faces.

  • Credentialing opportunities: Upon completion of the program, students take credential exams that will strengthen their skill sets and make them more competitive job and college applicants.


CTESS helps students become stronger college and job candidates.

  • Work in a paid, part-time  internship at a company in the media, software engineering or IT fields for a salary of $13/hr (15 hours per week for 6 weeks) and an opportunity to earn a bonus for attendance

  • Gain exposure to careers and strengthen your professional network in these fields

  • Develop technical and employability skills for career success

  • Gain access to opportunities to receive credentials related to the CTE field of study

  • Join the CTESS alumni network to further your career and educational goals