What is Career and Technical Education?

  • Career and Technical Education (CTE) is programming within schools that provides young people with job skills and access to career pathways within a particular industry sector.
  • CTE students take classes in their chosen career field, alongside all traditional academic courses. CTE courses prepare students to take industry-recognized certification exams in their field of study.
  • Rigor and relevance of CTE curriculum is maintained through a State approval process and regular review by industry. 

CTE programs in New York City public schools are aligned with labor market needs, such as IT staff, skilled trade workers and engineers. CTE plays a critical role in training workers in these areas. (Manpower Group, Talent Shortage Survey Results, 2012)


Workplace experience is a critical component of all CTE programs. By observing and learning from industry professionals like you, students become ready to contribute to your business in a number of ways:

  • Transferring skills outside the classroom helps students learn critical thinking skills that turn them into lifelong learners – the kind that you look to hire.
  • Exposure to the industry helps students develop a professional identity, allowing them your company's current and future needs to inform their job and college choices.
  • Mentoring high school students in their first job can energize your whole staff, bringing a fresh perspective and enthusiasm that adds meaning to your worksite.


CTE Summer Scholars lets you join a community of like-minded industry professionals who are working with schools and government agencies to develop the next generation of talent in your industry.

For an overview of CTE from the New York City Department of Education, vist our website at http://cte.nyc/